Dignity 2.0 国際カンファレンス

Conference Vision

Dignity 2.0 International Conference 

Conference Vision

Artificial Intelligence has made remarkable progresses toward the fourth-generation AI beyond the deep learning of the third generation. Although this tremendous evolution of AI brings convenience for human society, that also increasingly carries out many physical and intellectual labors of human beings and that will place us in a crisis situation where most of us are becoming a member of the useless class in the near future. In addition, the outbreak of novel Coronavirus has revealed the limits of modern science that cannot bring a tiny virus under control and has posed a common threat throughout the world. That triggers the moribund economy and destroys mental health as well as poses health hazards to humans. Now the depression, suicide and violence with rage have prevailed and the situation is getting worse.

The emergence of those problems poses an ultimate question to human beings. The question is “what is the dignity of human beings?” The rapid progress in science is also expected to lead us towards the technological singularity, which is predicted to occur around 2045. That means today’s human society has come to an end and evolved dramatically to the next stage of a new kokoro (human spirit) era where people can no longer ignore that ultimate question.

Up until now, we humans have defined the concept of dignity as the dignity of “partial” existence and been searching for the dignity-based relationships between these existences. That could be Dignity1.0. However, we think that the concept of dignity should be evolved at this human’s turning point. We propose Dignity2.0 and it defines the world of non-duality, the world in which there is only one motion and any partial existence cannot be allowed. That means we have a start line-a common foundation in which there is nothing but dignity.

A new education based on Dignity2.0 is the needs of the times and it could be the “World Axis Education” shared throughout the world. The times aspires a new platform where people who think about future society and search for what it means to be human to gather, share, and integrate wisdom in order to transmit what the true human dignity is and what the true kokoro is. The true role of education is to make all humans create visionary synergies for a new future and not to cause the conflicts among nations and ideologies like today. We need that new platform for providing this new education.

Dignity 2.0 International Conference serves as a movement to propagate this education throughout the world. The Dignity 2.0 conference will serve as a platform for leaders who are willing to lead a new direction in the coming era. It is a movement to promote education and technology combining many fields, such as philosophy, spirituality, physics, mathematics, and science as well as integrating the whole knowledge. It is also a meta platform that shares a new method of creating new knowledge. The meta platform does this by leveraging a new dimension that complements the universally known dimensions of time and space. At this conference, people who have been active in a variety of leading-edge fields gather and share with one another what they have been searching for. They are also encouraged to formulate a new education that allows development of new occupations, technology, products, and industries appropriate for the kokoro era.

Furthermore, this conference plays a role as an organization with the purpose of  integrating the ideological disputes of liberalism and collectivism into a dignity democracy, and sharing and transmitting the path of co-existence and co-prosperity of communities created through World Axis Education in a Post-Coronavirus era. It is administered by volunteers who agreed with this purpose.

Starting with the Dignity 2.0 International conference in Osaka in October 2021, we will form a Dignity 2.0 International Conference managing organization for each of the major cities in the world so that we can expand our activity base as a world-wide organization. Each conference managing group will be focused on running the Dignity 2.0 International Conference for that country as an organization representing each country. In each country, the managing group will select people, genres, and methods that would match with its needs for a conference.

In this era where people should face the unexperienced crisis, we establish Dignity 2.0 International Conference in order to maintain a world that generates hope and enables continuous evolution and development of all people.