Dignity 2.0 国際カンファレンス


Greetings from the representative of Dignity 2.0 International Conference

Dear all, how would you interpret this era is?

I am determined to create a new era with courage by having the clear diagnosis, accurate prescription to this era, and by sharing it with everyone. While humankind has greatly benefited from the evolution of science and technology, it is trying to create human agent AI.

AI continues to evolve an alternative to many physical and intellectual labor. As human work is replaced by AI, we feel that the significance of human existence is being questioned. What is human dignity?

In the AI ​​era, tackling that question is the start of “the kokoro (human spirit) era.” As the concept of the Dignity 2.0 International Conference, we will promote the creation of a relationship model in the AI ​​era called “SNS3.0.”

It is to build a new connection between “dignity relation” and “SNS”, and in this way we would like to propose a community model and community platform originating in Japan.

We hope that we can create a new era together with your cooperation.

Institute of Japan Mindome Coach Association

Director of n Clinic

Chika Iwata