Meta-platform for building dignity relations regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

Dignity 2.0 International Conference
Conference Vision

Through the development of science technology, human society has created AI. In coming era, AI is increasingly capable of carrying out many physical and intellectual labors of human beings. Although that brings convenience for human society, the emergence of AI poses an ultimate question to us as well. The question is “what is the dignity of human beings?” The AI era means that we are heading into a new kokoro (human spirit) era. That means human society has evolved dramatically to the stage where people can no longer ignore that ultimate question.

Human beings need a new education for this new kokoro era. Like cutting edge fields, we need a new platform where people who think about future society and search for what it means to be human to gather, share, and integrate wisdom in order to transmit what the true human dignity is. Today, we are in the era of fierce economic trade wars. Education plays a crucial part in preventing such conflicts to not escalate to a nuclear war.

It is nTech that fulfills a role of that true education. nTech was born in Japan and represents the deepest mind that Japan has enculturated down through the ages.

Dignity 2.0 International Conference serves as a movement to propagate education for the AI era throughout the world. The Dignity 2.0 conference will serve as a platform for leaders who are willing to lead a new direction in the coming era. It is a movement to promote education and technology combining many fields, such as spirituality, physics, mathematics, and science as well as integrating the whole knowledge. It is also a meta platform that shares a new method of creating new knowledge. The meta platform does this by leveraging a new dimension that complements the universally known dimensions of time and space. At this conference, people who have been active in a variety of leading edge fields gather and share with one another what they have been searching for. They are also encouraged to formulate the education that allows development of new occupations, technology, products, and industries appropriate for the AI era.

Starting with the Dignity 2.0 conference in Tokyo in November 2020, we will form a Dignity 2.0 International Conference managing organization for each of the major cities in the world so that we can expand our activity base as a world-wide organization. Each conference managing group will be focused on running the Dignity 2.0 International Conference for that country as an organization representing each country. In each country, the managing group will select people, genres, and methods that would match with its needs for a conference.

Convenience in the AI era poses new challenges to human society, especially to people who worry they are becoming a member of the useless class. We establish Dignity 2.0 International Conference today in order to maintain a world that generates hope and enables continuous evolution and development of all people.



Under negotiations

Jesu Noh
Founder of nTech

Kurahachi Sueishi
Kishiya Co.,Ltd. Chairman

Donna Hicks
Ph.D. Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University

Ryubi Ichi
nTech Lecturer

Chika Iwata
n Clinic Director

Daniel J. Siegel
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Miki Nagaoka
AI Wagou Clinic Director

Paulette Pipe
Meditation Lecturer 

Masako Kazami
nTech Lecturer

Michael Le
DDS, PhD Clinician Scientist

Suguru Harada
Institute of Asia leadership research President

Mari Yasuda
Akita Re.rise association center President

Akira Aramaki


Date of the conference

Dignity 2.0 International Conference will take place in 2021.

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